Welcome to our Demo page! Take your time to explore and play with JUX Gallery!

There are many ways you can choose to display JUX Gallery to fit with your website. Here in our demo, we showcase the most effective and popular ways of displaying JUX Gallery to highlight the flexible features of the extension.

So, each gallery in the menu brings you different look and style. Below is our brief description for each demo style

- We created 6 albums with different purposes:  

  • Wedding: This album is a collection of wedding images which have various sizes and image’s description. All images are presented with name, description and a link.
  • Coffe Ciao: This album is a collection of coffee shop theme images with similar size. Images are presented with 3 images per row.
  • Portfolio: This album is a collection of art work images with similar size. Images are presented with 6 images per row.
  • Gastronomy: This album is a collection of gastronomy images with different sizes and smaller number of images.
  • Daily Life & Other: These two albums have large number of different-sized images in showcase.

With the different & flexible in image’s information, size and number, you can see that JUX Gallery doesn’t get affected by any of these factors when presenting images. No matter what you put in your gallery, JUX Gallery nails it! 

- We also created different menus for different styles in displaying your Gallery: 

  • Menu Style Album Box: JUX Gallery displays all albums in box style. If you go to your backend, you’ll see that this style is similar to how albums are displayed here. 
  • Menu Style Album Button: JUX Gallery displays all albums in button style. Album’s name is shown in a button and album’s images are displayed below album’s name. 
  • Menu JUX Gallery Module: Beside displaying as a component or integrating in article, in case that your album has a small number of images, using this style to display JUX Gallery will make your gallery more comprehensive and less boring. 
  • Menu Inside Article: This is the combination of your gallery with description in an article. 
  • Menu Full width and Full width Article: With the fullscreen style, JUX Gallery brings a brand new look to your album showcase with lively and eye-pleasing style. Any images put in your album will be displayed beautifully. You don’t have to worry about the difference of image’s size or anything since JUX Gallery handles them all well.

Open JUX Gallery in your mobile/tablet: